The u turn

The western sky was draped in a crimson veil. Even after a gruelling day I turned out the ragging session into a humorous one, where it seemed like we have flocked for cracking jests. My ‘not so funny’ jokes glistened their eyes and a glimpse of their state guided me to the jaunt  through the lanes, of the times when I was one among them. 

Like any other single child I too was brought up with the utmost care. The evening sun of June was about to get sank in the horizon foreshadowing the impending challenges that this place had in store for me.  

Parents had just returned home after settling me down. Oops! only mother, busy schedule  of dad did not allow him to waste his day in traveling. I too didn’t expect honestly.  Mom finally said,” Take a good care of yourself, Vihana “. But I noticed mom’s eyes were full of tears and it was hard for her not to shed the drops of the mixture of sodium, potassium and lysozyme. Being too much heartless,  I eschewed reciprocating. My eyes were actually too much adamant in not shedding tears.   They sometimes behave like those stubborn members, who exist in every family  and has enimity with the thing called logic. Fortunately, it was not a melodramatic parting. On entering my room I realised how my king sized bed was replaced by this ‘small’ bed. I was amazed at the carpenter’s skill in designing the furnitures with that pin point precision. I am sure the instructor had emphasized the word small while assigning him the task of making that bed. I felt that the people of that place seemed to have resolved to speak no other language than their native language. But I was having my share of troubles as I knew nothing of that language . The flickering night lamp gave the room a cosy lived in air. If ever in exam there would have been a question to cite  an example of sarcasm, I swear this statement would suit the most. Jokes apart, I was aware that from the next day there would be none to wake me up with that perfectly flavoured tea but just that ear splitting alarm clock.  Every girl  there knew they would no more be able to perform their signature rain dance under the shower. They too knew that  practice of their singing skills would ail to the ambience.  Amidst all, I was much successful in keeping my countenance adorned with that coy smile.  I was well aware that neither I was Kapil Sharma nor the model of Colgate maxfresh that my broad smile would entertain any one. 

With time  the scenario underwent a drastic change and at times people had to jog up our minds about our families.  The  hangouts with friends sometimes made me feel that we were dared to empty the clothing stores and restraunts. But our visits often succeeded in bringing that wide grin on the owner’s face.  After months we realised, it was not our presence but the amount that we paid at the billing counter that made them glad. Well, honestly bonds couldn’t always compensate the stomach’s crave for good meals so yes we longed for holidays to go home. šŸ˜‚  Thats how the herd of these many diverse people turned into a family. 


The aura of last night

The car was heading to Terra Maya (one of the most popular restro-bar which made night life of the city happening of late). The driver as instructed never dared to change the music to anything except the songs of 90’s.Vihana, a girl who had just stepped in her adulthood was always fuelled by these songs. She had already been late and her mobile screen was popping out with numerous messages and calls. Fortunately, she reached the place before her cousins could attain the extreme point of exasperation. As soon as she stepped out of the Car in her black silky off shoulder dress in her sky high stilletos. They were left open mouthed. After a couple of months they were awestruck to find her without her ethnic wears. Moreover she was adept in melting her associates with that smile,an instrument which could help her escape from any adverse situation. Entering the place she was amazed seeing the decor as every corner screamed luxury but she was sure being entrapped in boredom for the night. Her cousins were too much adamant to make her enjoy the environ which was engulfed in full throated rock music. As she was in no mood to spoil the gaeity and joined the dance floor. In that dark space the crowd seemed adrift to the world and their bodies moved rhythmically. She somehow managed swaying in those stilletos for hours but halted realising the sore pain in her feet as she was not accustomed to such footwears.

In the lounge area, peering the nearby tables she envisaged if that place served any non alcoholic drink . Sitting on those comfy sofas her eyes caught the sight of a boy. She was amazed how without sipping any of the liquor she was hallucinating. Nothing could deter her belief that his presence could be nothing but a mirage. Even in that dimly lit room his smirk heated up get cheeks and enfeebled her legs making difficult for her to stand still. His gaze made her heart pound like hell that any expert heart surgeon could have assured the fact that her heart was not functioning at the normal pace. Their bond analyser was the frequency with which her coronary arteries throbbed. Although he didn’t resemble any of those top models in physique but she has never been able to stop staring at him.

Sitting next to her, he offered her some Spanish lager called” Estrolla Damn Barcelona “. Although she hated the the bitter aftertaste yet didn’t let it diverge her attention from him. They never chewed over petty things no matter how many bottles they gulped but it always extended to some good philosophies. Of late he had learnt complementing but she couldn’t form a coherent reply to his flattery. She wished if he could catch the drift of the fact that her grandeur was an outcome of what he had engraved in. She enriched those assets so that it could engross him. As hours flew, the music systems finally decided to tone down the blare. The crowd too seemed jaded.

But Vihana got her eyes glued into those coffee brown eyes. His lips never wished to give up that consistent smirk. But that day his laughter offered a glimpse of those pearly white teeth.

Their intense gazes seemed timeless. Actually they had their own battlefield where massive wars were fought with eyes- their weapons. They believed no renowned litigator could give their vague complexities a shot as it would lead the genuinity of his degrees to come into question

When she speaksĀ 

It was the Christmas Eve, so she stood in front of me with two outfits, as usual puzzled. The series of trials made her pick up the black one finally. 

Since her childhood it was not that we communicated  in jargon but her  gaze would always make me catch on what’s cooking in that young girl’s grey matter. Lately,  I discovered that our ladybird no more whines.  I first  took her busy schedule to be the cause as it engulfed  her every while.  But after some days it dawned on me that now our little princess  had no listeners. Earlier though she used to make them listen. But now she no more attempts  entertaining others being the  jester.  Her thoughts were silly jokes  for them she says.  Praising about them would bring glint of pride in those wide black  eyes. She looks away as I tried going deeper into those eyes.  She is wise enough never to neglect  the fact that her eyes were my pathway  to her hoard. But I  could clearly assume that something was wrong.  Her doldrum seems to be  a rarefied phenomenon.  

The smile on her countenance  seems to be a deceit.  Actually  I consider  her smile to be a defect in the default setting of her system.  Maybe the programmer belonged to the squad of laughing therapists, who at that instant was trying to devise new techniques to smile and instinctively  coded the same for her system. Consequently, a sample like her got created.  

The other day someone came with a question  if she likes any guy.  This was a very common question for any girl who was just two years away from celebrating her two decades of living on this earth. “Nah!  I am not a girlfriend  material “she says straightly.  This seems to be a cliche now.  But that man being sceptical placed another question “why?” . I must say that person seemed to be much adamant in discovering of something new.  But it was a known fact that such questions flutters her.  This scene takes me back to those long nights when her cheeps used to encase the silence of midnight.  She was so skilled in sobbing  that except those wet pillow covers she left no evidence.  Every morning in school, mates   considered  that redness of her eyes as the symbol  of late night study sessions.  Though  her circle considered her to be mature, but she faltered then. She was dazzled when he came. For those months she lives her life to the fullest. A single  mention of his name makes her blush even today and shivers her veins.  Ya she cries aloud in that lonely home  calling his name and I remain with no other option  left than to cry along with her.  I wish I could  have made her feel my presence if I wouldn’t have been confined in this frame.